About The LIVE RIGHT Way

The LIVE RIGHT Way is a health, wellness, fitness business that is committed to providing you with the most incredible resources to keep you and your family in top health physically, mentally and spiritually!  Imagine finally hitting your goal weight, imagine getting rid of body aches, illness and having more energy. Imagine living each day with a joyful heart!

The LIVE RIGHT Way's mission is to empower people to create healthy lifestyles through a holistic approach by providing the information and tools needed to ensure vibrant health and overall wellness. They provide online and in-person programs, nutrition and fitness counseling, transformation challenges, wellness retreats, and top of the line products that are safe and effective. Their goal is to create a healthier you and a healthier planet!



Nancy is a Holistic Health Consultant and the Co-founder of The LIVE RIGHT Way with her son Jon. Nancy’s love for true health and disease prevention has led her to educating people to empower their own health and well-being. Overcoming an autoimmune disease, anxiety and depression through healing prayer, her quest for optimum health led her to a plant based diet lifestyle.  She wants to share passion for healthy living with others so their lives are filled with joy, health and wellness.  Nancy holds a BA in Psychology, is a Certified “Lifeforce” Raw Vegan Living Foods Health Educator, a graduate of Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Program and a Certified Holistic Health Consultant.


Jon has been studying fitness and exercise for over 15 years. Jon is a Certified Athletic Trainer, with a passion to help others. After playing sports his entire life, he followed his passion of athletics to a BS in Athletic Training. Directly from college he went on to work for the Boston Red Sox in their Minor League system performing both Athletic Training and Strength and Conditioning duties. Jon has held multiple Personal Training certifications throughout his years in the industry. His main focus with his clients has been weight loss, sports performance and overall health and wellness.  Jon brings his experience and drive to his clients EVERYDAY!

When you are passionate about something, you do everything you can to spread the word. 

We are passionate about health and wellness and we created the LIVE RIGHT way to deliver our message to THE WORLD!