We designed the 8 Week Transformation Challenge after I went through a transformation myself. I finally had a realization that I was the heaviest I've ever been, always winded with normal daily activity, my favorite clothes did not fit AT ALL, and I just felt lethargic and bad for myself. I was in a rut and needed a way out. It didn't happen over night but I knew I had to get back to a strong exercise routine and change how I ate or things would continue to get worse.

- Jon, 30, TLRW Co-Founder and Online Trainer


Thank you Jon and Nancy and The LIVE RIGHT Way for the awesome workout and nutrition plans during the 8 week challenge! The results I’ve seen in just 8 weeks have been great and I can’t wait to continue living right as I move forward.

- Mark, 27

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My daughter said to wear the bathing suit that has not fit in 2 years, so I did! The clothes I had on 8 weeks ago DO NOT FIT! This program came along at the perfect time. I was ready for the challenge. I feel so much better about myself both physically and emotionally and in such a short time. I have been working for years to do what I had been able to do in 8 weeks. The biggest challenge now will be to keep this going, but I know I can do it if I keep focused. I can honestly say for the first time in a very, very long time, I have a much healthier and controlled relationship with food. That is something I never thought was possible for me! I am very grateful for your support.

- Tracy, lost 13.5 total inches and 14.75 lbs

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You can change a lot in 8 weeks! The biggest thing that I learned was that you can enjoy yourself and splurge, just don't let one day of splurging turn into two or three. You don't necessarily have to restrict what you eat, just make smart choices and learn how those choices effect you! I lost almost 25 pounds in 8 weeks and I'm down a few more since then!

- Kevin, lost 24.8 lbs and 11.75 total inches


The Live Right Way gave me the motivation I needed to get back into health after having my baby. The accountability was so helpful to get me on track. I've never felt this strong so soon after having a baby!

- Erica

I have definitely made a lifestyle change which was my ultimate objective! Thanks to Jon and Nancy for all the inspiration and motivation and well thought out fitness plans. I plan to continue to use them and add to them as well!

- Paula, Health and Wellness Beginner

First off, just want to say how awesome it’s been to participate in the challenge. The encouragement from both of you, and everyone in the challenge was so motivating. And I can say that this is the most consistently I have gotten my butt to the gym in my life! Your great workout regimen and the competition was highly motivating. Combining that with some eating habit changes I saw some really great results.

- Scott, Marathon Runner

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